Hair Care: Neem Oil, The Satin Pillow
& Other Important Facts

Neem Oil for the Win

For all those looking for long luscious locks, let’s agree that there are so many blogs providing the top 10 tips on hair care, the #1 hair growth products, ect….often with a large price tag attached.   Personally, I noticed that after having my hair highlighted, my ends seemed to be much dryer with a significant  lack of fullness at the roots. After reading five or so articles I decided to give some of their suggestions a try to decipher what was fact and what was fiction.

Hair experiment #1. 

Apparently applying neem oil to hair is not only beneficial for those with scalp conditions ( dandruff etc.) but neem oil also has unique hair regenerative properties.

Originally, I was super keen to make my own neem oil ( ahh those inspirational youtube videos get me sometimes).  Sadly, after awakening from my little neem tree growing fantasy I was brought back to the reality that the UK’s climate is indeed different from that of India…and so after doing a bit of research into the best neem oils  I purchased 235 neem virgin oil and gave it a go.

I have been pleasantly surprised over the past 6 weeks with the effectiveness of the neem oil. My hair feels much fuller at the roots as well as more conditioned with stronger healthier ends. When I brush my hair in the mornings I feel the vibrant fullness of a healthy head of hair.  The only downside is the smell. Once a week, I gently message the neem oil into my scalp, leaving it in my hair for about 30-45 minutes.  After thoroughly washing my head  with shampoo and conditioner, my hair may continue to smell of neem for a day or two after the application.  Sometimes, I wear a hat to help cover the smell.  I may add small amounts of various essential oils to my argon oil, then appy a small amount of the scented argon oil throughout my hair helping to mask the neem odour.   

I definitely  recommend giving the 235 neem virgin oil a try for hair growth and restoration. It has far surpassed my expectations. 

Satin Pillow Case Hair Care

Unsplash Photo by Hayley-Catherine

Hair Growth Neem Oil

Unsplash Photo by Valerie Elash

The Satin Pillow

Hair Care Tip No #2

Sleeping on a silk/ satin pillow provides a smooth surface to aid in the protection of hair breakage, as well as help eliminate frizz and tangles.  As the morning sunlight gleams through the windows, you will awaken with locks of goddess hair, or at least those are the some of the raving claims on Amazon.

So, to put this to the test, I purchased a solid set of satin pillowcases (due to the hefty price for the silk, I decided for the second more affordable option: a Satin pillow case).   

After sleeping on my satin pillowcase for about a month, I may have a bit less tangles in the morning, but definitely do not wake up with a lush flowing mane. To be honest I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.    So in my personal experience I have not observed many benefits from sleeping on a satin pillow case. *Note, I do have very straight hair, so cannot speak for those with natural curls.  Also some people have stated that satin pillowcases have really improved their hair- so I could always be one of those outliers. 🙂 

Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Try and wash hair every other day to preserve natural oils especially if ones hair has been coloured multiple times. 
  2.  Brush hair before bed to help distribute  oil from the scalp through your lengths and ends.
  3. Be picky on the brush used: natural boar bristle brushes are best for distributing oil through hair shaft keeping your mane healthy and nourished. 
  4. Do not over brush hair; never brush hair when it is wet.
  5. When possible allow hair to dry naturally.  If using  hair dryer use medium heat keeping hair dryer moving at all times around your head to avoid heat concentration.  Finish drying hair with cold blast of air, this helps to seal the hair cuticle. 

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