I am tremendously privilaged to be able to travel, an opportunity that goes amiss in so much of the world. However i am always amazed by those who despite being able to afford such a wonderfull privlage forgo it. Though to be in a position to be able to travel is a privalage, it is not nearly as expensive as many think. Here i will share my favourite cheap travel tips alongside my favourite places i have visted. Hopefully alowing you to travel without going broke. 


Despite currently living in England, I grew up un USA, living there till I was 24. Its an amazing country, especially if you are prepared to get out and visit the National Parks and State parks. 



Having lived in England since 24, I have had the opportunity to travel through quite abit of Europe. Europe is wonderful for its diversity of cultures. A big fan of Slovenia, North Italy, Southern France, Greek Islands and South West of England. 

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Most Overrated National Parks of USA

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